The Anuka Electric Hot Smoker... Food smoking simplified!

Whether you are a fisherman or a chef, a hunter or a foodie, the variety and choice of smoked foods is now yours with the arrival of Anuka electric hot smoker. The Anuka electric hot smoker fully cooks the food while infusing the flavours and natural juices with a unique smoky character.

In the course of human civilization the process of smoking food was developed using a cold-smoking technique for preserving food, typically meat and fish. Gradually over the centuries, the distinctive smoke flavour became increasingly popular and the technique of "hot-smoking" evolved. Unlike the more traditional method of preserving by cold smoking, Anuka hot-smoking fully cooks a food product, retaining and enhancing natural food flavours, moisture and providing a unique smoky taste. Hot-smoking is an established and fashionable way to provide low fat, low cholesterol, yet delicious tasting, smoky flavoured food without adding salts, fats or oils (unless these are in a prepared marinade). By the Hot-Smoking method, your food is cooked in their own natural juices ensuring a valuable retention of moisture content and flavours. Fish, Shell fish, Meats and Sausages, Poultry and Game, as well as providing a wonderful and unusual alternative for vegetables and nuts– all take on a new dimension and culinary delight which can be further enhanced with your own imaginative marinades and flavourings.

  • Simple operation
  • Spread granulated wood chips in element burner
  • Place produce on trivet and position on base
  • Fit lid
  • Switch on power & set timer (from 10 to 60 minutes)
  • Unit automatically switches off at pre-set time when smoking is completed
  • Let stand for five minutes
  • Serve & enjoy




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